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Greg Gallman launched Sportmaster Taxidermy in 1990. Over twenty five years later, Sportmaster has become one of the Chattanooga and North Georgia areas' most reliable and experienced taxidermy studios with thousands of satisfied customers.

The focus of Sportmaster Taxidermy is to offer services
 that incorporate the highest standards of professional
 wildlife art. The goal is to reach clients whose main
concern is genuine quality in a mount.

One of the things that sets Sportmaster apart is its reputation
for personal service. Each mount is treated as a unique project
and there is close consultation with the client to develop a
mount that is detailed to the customer's desires.
Lastly, as a full-time operation, Sportmaster is commited

to consistent turnaround. We use only the latest techniques and
materials and are constantly expanding our knowledge to find
new and unique ways to meet the needs of customers in a timely

Plain and simple, Sportmaster Taxidermy wants your business
and we're willing to do what it takes to make and keep you a
satisfied patron!

Sportmaster Taxidermy

Gamehead Taxidermy
Fish Taxidermy
Waterfowl & Bird Taxidermy
Life Size Taxidermy
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"Your #1 Source for Professional Waterfowl, Deer, and Fish Taxidermy!"

Wildlife Artist Greg Gallman
Full - Time Chattanooga, Cleveland, Tennessee and North Georgia Area Taxidermist for over 25 years
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